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Blow Wall-E a kiss by segamarvel
Blow Wall-E a kiss
I kinda drew this YEARS ago after I first saw the movie it made me cry. If only I had found it sooner it would have already been posted.
My first Spidertiger pic by segamarvel
My first Spidertiger pic
This is a present that was a request for SpiderTiger14 birthday. I couldn't fit the first two on the page so I just used separate sheets.
A Sweet Redirect Feature! by segamarvel
A Sweet Redirect Feature!
This is a commission done by the awesome Riveiro15 (his best work yet dare I say) featuring Marvel's Spider-Man (Peter Parker), and Hasbro's Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna and Sunset Shimmer.

As you can see, Peter is wearing his Ends of the Earth armor. so it takes place anytime after Chapter Fifty-Seven “Endgame, Part II of IV” of Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane. It might be my favorite costume behind the original. At any rate, it's a picture of the three main characters. His armor is "electro-proof" but that's not all. It also has the power to manipulate/control the very same electricity that hits it.
I love the way you his armor looks but the one thing that always bugged me about it's design was that the arms and legs didn't look armored with it. So I wanted that changed. Even his fingers are more metallic.
I want you to zoom in and take a close look at the armored version of his "Ends of the Earth" suit. Notice all those "circles" on his arms and legs? Basically that's in the design you see now so that he looks FULLY armored. That includes his neck. I love the way Peter's armor is just OVERFLOWING with power it's as if he went SSJ 2 or something. And the spider symbol on his boots were a nice touch. They even had holes in to display jet boots. That's right folks. HE CAN FLY! Just like iron man.
Links to the crossover story below.……

For those of you who don't know why this pairing came to be, it's because of a popular fanfic made by Jamal2504 Go check out his story, it even has a TV trobes page. I Support Twilight Sparkle x Peter Parker!
Unlimited 2099 by segamarvel
Unlimited 2099
I only colored the picture. The original Line art belongs to Chizel-Man

Thanks for giving me permission to color it!
What are you doing here Pinkie by segamarvel
What are you doing here Pinkie
This is yet again another commission done by  MacTavish1996 featuring Hasbro's Princess Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Marvel's Peter Parker. This is from a very popular story fanfic made by Jamal2504 Go check out his story. What's happening in this scene is that Twilight basically walks into her home expecting Peter to be asleep (and he is) but she found him sleeping on the ceiling thanks to his wallcrawling ability. But that's not the part that suprises her. She's wondering just HOW did Pinkie manage to duck tape herself next to him? 


United States
Favourite style of art: Digital, but much easier when traditional
Skin of choice: Tan Skin
Favourite cartoon character: Spider-man
...... Yeah I don't even know why I have this journal anyway. I hardly use it.

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